Ushering in the next generation of Hybrid Pros

Larson Enterprises has made it’s name over the past 20 years by being an industry leader in quality and innovation. We shoot for excellence in all we do, and our aim is to help people manifest their fullest potential as artists, photographers and business owners. We believe that there is more to being successful in this business than just being an amazing photographer. There is business, networking, marketing and more. We want to provide valuable content and educational resources for photographers that goes above and beyond.


What is a Hybrid Pro?

The Larson Hybrid Pro was the innovative development which allowed for continuous lighting and strobe lighting in a single backplate which allowed the user to switch without needing to break down and set up. We believe in doing it all, in pushing yourself and becoming the best version of you.

Unlock your potential. Become a Hybrid Pro.

Named after the most versatile piece of lighting equipment on the market we want to usher in a generation of Hybrid Pro’s. A Hybrid Pro photographer is someone who is not only a skilled photographer, but someone who is able manage and grow their business. Someone who sees everyone they meet and come into contact with whether they be friends, restaurants, stores, or doctors offices as potential clients. Someone who knows how to pose their subjects, control light, control images and control emotions. An artist,  professional, networker.

We interview leading names in the industry, follow industry trends and innovation, let you know whats in and how to push your skills to the next level. Thorough How-To videos to help you snap the money shots. We believe in coming together as a community and pulling information from everyone, because everyone has something to teach and everyone has something to learn. We also provide a forum for photographers to showcase their work.